About us

Medical Finance Group is a company based in Warsaw and it is offering, as the first in Poland, system of financing and installment payments for medical services provided by over 5,000 cooperating facilities, such as offices, hospitals and clinics. It has been operating on the market since 2010, initially under the name Ratalnie.com, and, since 2012, as MFG. It is the owner of the MediRata , MediLine and MedKarta brands.

MFG SA operates on the Polish market and it is operating in two market areas: individual client and practicing doctors.

In the first market area, MFG SA offers loans which are intended to cover, broadly understood, dental, medical and aesthetic services ( health & beauty ) for natural person. Clients are acquired based on a stationary network of over 5,000 cooperating gabinets , clinics and hospitals, service providers such as: Medicover , LUX MED, Enel Med , Carolina Medical Center, Ambroziak Clinic and internet marketing. As a part of the service, patients can use the services of specialists in the fields of: dentistry, plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, orthopedics, rehabilitation, ophthalmology, ENT, bariatrics , gynecology, urology, optics, diagnostics / genetics, phlebology , veterinary medicine and others. The MediRaty service can also be used by clients who, in this way, want to finance specialist trainings or buy medical equipment.

In the second market area, MFG SA offers cash loans for physicians who have medical practice for some purposes related to their business. The clients are acquired by regional representatives and external distributors of loan products.